"Reforming" Washington

I  usually check my wallet when the word "reform" is used. But I have an idea that just might break the political logjam in the nation's capitol. It is inspired by this blog and by the fact that communication, including decision making, is dominated today by electronic media. (We have no Macy's here in northeast Florida, but we continue to buy through the website; this message was delivered by e-mail; we pay our bank and utility bills on-line).

Why must politicians journey to D.C. to conduct business? Is it that they cannot master the laptop? Do they need to use sign language to communicate.

No, it is because they need a special place, away from constituents, where they can conduct "business" below the public radar.

Send them home! Let their neighbors see the taxpayer-funded limo in their driveways. Let the local press cover their airport departure on a "fact-finding" mission to Bora Bora. Let them experience constituents' complaints each morning as they retrieve the newspaper.

Washington (a lovely city where we lived happily for nearly a generation) has become a secret society for politicians who do not "return" there to conduct the nation's business but to carry out very private agendas that are remote from constituent needs.

Stay in place. Debate and decide via a plethora of electronic media as managers of multinational corporations do every day. Why, most of the work conducted by the Securities and Exchange Commission's many offices is done this way, as is also true at the Commodity Futures Trading Commision's fewer but busy locations.

Imagine the relief for Washingtonians! No more traffic snarls from endless motorcades blocking the streets for hours on end. No more "reserved" parking at Reagan and Dulles airports for the political class. No more confusion among tourists about when and how they can visit the great monuments and museums.

Centralized government has become an unaccountable zone. If you don't believe me, just wait.

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