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Special section: Forex broker review

How does your broker measure up?

Among the multitude of trading solutions available today, an often overlooked concept is utilizing brokerage offerings to fully empower trading. When considering the number of forex brokerages as well as their offerings, regulatory conditions and commission structures, the selection process begins to resemble thesis research. To simplify the broker selection process, the research team conducted a review of forex brokers. In total 16 online forex brokers, chosen because of their accessibility and applicability to retail investors, were broken down across seven categories to determine an overall winner.

Testing and review methodologies are based on team interactions with each brokerage as an actual live client to extract all information and data. The research process included spending several hundred hours conducting numerous calls to brokers, developing "spread recording" algorithms, downloading dozens of platforms and analyzing virtually every broker offering. Whether a trader is seeking to lower commission costs or extend platform capabilities, the following unbiased research will assist in maximizing the trading experience.

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