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Software review: OptionsCity Metro Version

The second part, CityFront, is a user-friendly interface that resides on a traders’ workstations. With it, traders can control, manage and monitor the system. They can fully customize the displays of the types of financial information they need to see or interact with.

The entire system is designed and built to allow for scalability and speed. The architecture allows for multiple client components to be connected to multiple server components, with the load being distributed across multiple servers, and with the financial information being distributed and/or aggregated across multiple client components.

OptionsCity’s open architecture allows for growth by seamlessly adding servers to support growth in the trading portfolio of the group, and by seamlessly increasing the number of clients’ workstations to support the growth in the trading team. Its open architecture also allows it to be integrated easily with existing systems.

Traders can set “missions” to show them running snapshots of what they want to follow. Think of them as algorithms running continually on the server, in the background, looking for inputs at parameters traders have set, then acting when they find what they are looking for.

Drilling down to a specific example of OptionsCity Metro’s capability, consider skew. Skew is a risk measure for a distribution that evaluates outliers or unusually large or small returns. OptionsCity Metro allows users to analyze the market-implied skew, and graphically manipulates their own skew to match or take advantage of the market.

Conclusion: There are only a few serious options programs like OptionsCity Metro that are available. One is ORC Software and another is RTS (Real Time Systems), headquartered in Sweden and Germany, respectively. For anyone who is seriously considering making money trading options on a large scale, especially in the United States, OptionsCity Metro is well worth a long and serious look.

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