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Software Review: TAS Signal Box

TAS Signal Box
Trade Angle Strategies LLC
160 Ste A, Wind Chime Ct, Raleigh, NC 27615

Client Support: (919) 647-9644

Technical Support: (919) 373-4313

Product: The TAS Signal Box is a visual, automated trading signal delivery system that provides trading signals to your Windows-based computer desktop in real time.

Requirements: Windows-based operating system and Internet access

Price: $295 per month (discounts for longer-term commitments)

Rating: 3 of 4

Product Overview

The TAS Signal Box delivers trading signals to your computer screen via an automated "pop-up" box, which tells the user what to trade, when to trade, and how much to trade (you select the amount). The TAS Signal Box also provides a list of signals given, the time they came in, and it automatically tracks current positions and the profit and loss on all trades.

Designed for the sophisticated trader, TAS Signal Box gives trading signals based on proprietary indicators, the key to the entry and exit strategies, which are the heart of the software. Each strategy is distinctive and operates independently of the others. Each identifies particular advantageous scenarios when the strategy has entered a new phase, such as “buy,” “sell,” “cover,” etc. It is simple, direct, and effortless, and yet it still gives you a certain amount of control over your trading decisions. For example, you can omit trades, place different stop-losses and profit targets, or you can enter trades you define with your own analysis or “alert” formulas that you create yourself. In addition, you can choose which types of trades you want to ignore. For example, if a market is in an up-trend, you can ignore the sell signals and take the buy signals to remain with the trend.

Although the software is direct, simple, and effortless, it is only one part of a more complex overall package offered by TAS. TAS offers a “Futures Trading Room,” automated trading systems catering to intraday and overnight/swing traders, and the “TAS Indicator Suite,” a collection of downloadable indicators that work with a variety of popular trading platforms (the marketing materials on the Web site do not make clear how). The TAS Indicator Suite includes price-compression levels, VIX differential, I-ratio, and seven other proprietary indicators. TAS not only delivers for the sophisticated trader, it also offers professional coaching and an educational resource center for the beginning and developing trader.


Easy to install

Easy to setup

Easy to use

You can use your broker of choice

Offers enhanced add on options

Good customer service


Trades come slowly and not at all for periods of time

There is a time lapse between the signal and actual trade made with your broker

The TAS Signal Box offers a simple and direct way to trade specific markets defined by TAS. If you have faith in the company’s proprietary formulas and the trades derived from those, and you are looking for a way to save valuable time, the TAS Signal Box is for you. Whether the trades work out is another question, and it is up to you to find out. TAS offers the TAS Signal Box on a one-week trial basis, so you do have risk-free time to answer the question.

Brandon Jones is an entrepreneur, a writer, and an educator. Although not a trader by profession, he trades on a regular basis to maintain and improve his portfolio return.

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