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Software Review: Gallant VPS for Metatrader 4

Gallant VPS for Metatrader 4

Gallant FX

50 Broad Street Suite 1002

New York NY, 10004

Phone: 646-520-4530

Fax: 646-619-4521

Product: Gallant VPS for Metatrader 4, Version 4.0, Build 225, a professional online trading platform for forex, futures, and CFD markets.

Requirements: The latest Java Runtime Environment, as well as the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari browsers.

Price: $69.99 per month

Rating: 4 of 4

Innovation is the key to advancing technologies. Practical innovation is the engine of economic growth. Necessary innovation is the lifeblood of markets. If markets are not innovative, products and services become stale and lack attraction. In today’s world of trading platforms, innovation is lacking, but with the release of Gallant VPS for Metatrader 4, Gallant FX has stepped forward and provided the necessary innovation to jumpstart a new generation of products and services in the trading platform arena. Gallant FX has taken one of the more popular trading platforms on the market and improved it to such a degree that a new standard now guides those that will follow.

The Gallant VPS for Metatrader 4 is robust, efficient, and effective. The difference in this version of Metatrader from others on the market is how Gallant FX improved the “Expert Advisor” (EA) feature. The EA has been the developers’ doorway to innovation in trading platforms. This is still the case, but now, developers have new opportunities to create efficiencies in the software because Gallant FX has moved Metatrader 4 to a UNIX-based Virtual Private Server (VPS), which eliminates many dysfunctions inherent in a Windows-based operating environment. The UNIX environment and the VPS together provide new possibilities for module development that will enhance future versions of Metatrader as well as other trading platforms.

Security and reliability are also improved with Metatrader 4 because the VPS resides on the Rackspace Network. Rackspace, itself an innovator in the hosting arena, has partnered with Cisco, and nine other network providers, to put together a service that gives “100% Network Uptime Guarantee.” Because of the inter-operability methodology utilized, and the “Proactive Network Management,” Rackspace maximizes bandwidth through routing efficiency, enhancing end-user, real-time performance. And because Rackspace does not share its network with telecom services or Cable television, and all the fiber carriers must enter data centers at different points, security, along with reliability, is improved.

Product Overview

The EA feature of Metatrader 4 now allows for automated trading. A trader can now close out all positions at once, and with a grab and hold cursor movement, a trader can move all stops on a chart. This enhanced EA feature lifts this version to the top of the chart in terms of efficiency and effective trade management.

Sometimes more is less, but not in this case. Along with better trade management, trading strategy development is enhanced because the “Custom Indicators” feature gives the opportunity to create new and different technical indicators. Combine this with the already strong features of Metatrader 4, and you have a platform that really delivers.

Platform Features

Expert Advisors (EA) Automated Scripting

Market and pending orders

E-mail alerts

Supports various timeframes (from minutes up to months)

Provides a large variety of standard technical indicators and line studies

Multi-language program interface

Signals of systems and trading history

Real-time news from the financial markets

Printing charts and completed trading transaction statements


Over 100 FX brokerage firms offer this advanced software to their clients

Scriptwriters have more opportunity to advance the platform to higher levels

The VPS helps protect the intellectual property of the scriptwriters

End-users trade with more efficiency, effectiveness, and security

Reasonable price


Takes effort and time to effectively utilize the platform

The Gallant VPS for Metatrader 4 has opened the door to a new standard in trading platforms. Moving from Windows to UNIX provides stability, while moving from the desktop and Web site to VPS provides opportunity to design and develop new functionality that, in the end, will only make the end-user experience easier, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable.

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