Energy report for Oct. 31

Spooky Oil. Who dares enter the long side of the energy complex? Boooo...

It's close To Midnight and something’s selling oil in The Dark.

Under The Moonlight, You see a drop That Almost Stops Your stop.You Try to Scream, but the market takes the trade Before You Make It.You Start to Freeze, As Losses Looks You Right between the Eyes, You're Paralyzed.

You Hear Demand's been slammed, And Realize there's no money left for fun.

You hope The Cold Holds, and play that oil will start to run.You Close Your Eyes, And Hope That This Is Just a bad tick or quote, girlBut All The While, You Hear The margin man Creepin' Up BehindYou're Out Of Time.They're Out to Get You, There's oil Bears Closing In On Every Side.They will possess you, unless you Change Your Perma-bull trading style.Now Is the Time for you and I to start selling short my dear.All Thru the Night, I'll Save You from the Terror on the Screen,I'll Make You SeeMarkets Fall across the Land, The trading Hour Is Close At Hand.Creatures Crawl in Search Of stops To Terrorize your trading hoodAnd Whosoever Shall Be Found Without the Soul For Betting DownMust Stand And Face The Hounds Of Sell, And Rot Inside A traders hell.The Foulest Stench Is In The Air The Funk Of those faulty credit YearsAnd Grizzly Ghouls From Every Tomb Are Closing In To Seal Your DoomAnd Though You Fight To Stay Alive Your Body Starts To ShiverFor No Mere Mortal Can Resist trading this oil Thriller'Cause this Is Thriller, sell her Nightand No-ones Gonna Save You from the trade about to Strike.You Know its Thriller, seller Night.You're fighting for Your Life inside a seller, Thriller.Thriller, seller Night.'Cause oil can thrill you More Than Any Ghoul Could ever dare try. Thriller, Seller Night

So Let us sell and Hold on Tight And Share A Killer short sell Chiller,Thriller trade Tonight. 'Cause this Is Thriller Seller nightgirl I Can Thrill You More Than Any Ghoul Could ever dare tryAny Ghoul could ever Dare Try (Thriller, Seller Night) So Let Me Hold You Tight and Share a Killer thriller.

Of course the fall in oil reflects an economy that is downright scary. The GDP is on life support falling by a 0.3% annual rate and consumers became zombies as business cut investments and consumers slashed rates at rates not seen for 28 years. OPEC screams in HORROR as demand goes into the grave in the U.S. as oil demand in August was revised down 4.8% or 975,000 barrels per day and the first six months of this year the lowest since the early 1980’s (add in blood curdling scream here.) Oil failure to close above $71.80 and its weak close signals more weakness ahead. Products are looking weak as well but on a break we should buy oil, sell RBOB. There are such beings as vampire traders, some of us have evidence they exist. Even had we not the proof of our own unhappy trading experience, the teachings and the records of trading past give proof of our own enough for sane people assuming of course sane people trade.

Don’t be scared off by the markets. Happy Halloween!

Phil Flynn is vice president of Alaron Trading and a Fox Business Network contributor. He can be at 800-935-6487 .

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Senior energy analyst at The PRICE Futures Group and a Fox Business Network contributor.