Did Kerviel have an accomplice?

It seems Jerome Kerviel, the Societe Generale trader who lost $7.2 billion, had been IMing a broker with Fimat, SocGen's brokerage arm. Below are transcriptions of those IMs, reported by the Nouvel Observteur , a French magazine. (blog by Irene Frat in Paris)

Written in the sort of short hand used to quickly convey a message (over the Reuters instant messaging system), Jérôme Kerviel seemed to have an on going dialogue with a broker at Fimat, recently renamed Newedge, called Moussa Bakir. Here are some excerpts, translated and put in understandable English :

On Oct. 11, 2007 :
Kerviel asked his broker Bakir : « you did not tell him (apparently his boss) what we are doing, did you ? Tell me
Bakir replied : He comes back tonight.
K : you did not tell him about our trades, did you ? I’ll kill you
B : you’re crazy, it’s between you and me.

On Nov 28. 2007 :
B : they need to be asked how they can see that. Or tell them that the net position is wrong.
K : yeah, but I don’t want them to get me out of my position at 250000.

On Dec. 13. 2007 :

B : you will really need some serious time off
K : in jail
B : nuts. What did you do wrong. You did not rape anybody. You didn’t do anything illegal in the sense of the law.
K : I make a lot of money, that’s all.
B : I’d go to jail anytime when I make money legally
K : shut up
B : fucker
K : this will show the Kerviel power
B : or craziness.
B again : a simple and discreet guy. No special attraction. Makes a lot of money. And not recognized for his true talent

On Jan 17, 2008, when the audit system has started focusing on Kerviel :
K : well, I’m finished
B : what d’you mean
K : forget it

On Jan 18, 2008, when everything is uncovered starting at 9 : 14 am
K : my last day here
B : stop it ! there is a rebound at around 4180
K : super
K again : I’m dead. No sleep. And you dined with Pedro and Manu yesterday.
B : yeah. As soon as I got out of work. He came on the Champs (Elysées) I needed to do something before going to sleep. You should have come to take a bite.
K : I can’t eat.
B : I haven’t eaten at night for the last three days.. I was supposed to go to Milano with Tayed and his brothers today.
K : frankly, you should go
B : not serious, my dream, you know what it is
K : No. I think I jump from the tower tonight, no problem.
B : the market is going back up at 4300
K : I’m going to go outside Paris.
B : let’s cut this position
K : Shit, I am dreaming of it everyday.
B : and then we go away to a sunny place for two weeks. No cell phones.

At 11 : 15 am
K : they are killing me here
B : go and smoke a cigarette

At 1 : 56 pm
B : doing ok, my friend
K : no. I’m fired tonight I think. There was a meeting (with) Luc, François, Pym, on my case.
B : stop seeing everything in black
K : and the Martial ( apparently it is also the name or nickmame of a person) is talking to Eric. I think I’m kicked out.
B : concentrate on the market

At 3 : 10 pm
K : I’m in deep shit
B : so what

At 4 : 01 pm :
K : I’m fired in 30 minutes
B : you have a meeting. With who
K : Martial & Baboulin (again, names or nicknames of people)
B : call me after
K : frankly I don’t feel like talking
B : courage, buddy
K : buddy is dead

At 4 : 54 pm
B : I send you the conf (confirmation of a trade – this is apparently a false confirmation by a fictitious counterpart)
K : OK

At 6 : 56 pm
B : what are you going to do. After we go out to dine
K : no, I’m not out yet
B : at around what time
K : dunno. Let me go. Let’s talk on the phone
(by Irene Frat)

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