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New for Traders


Eurex Repo, the electronic repo market of Eurex, has created a pan-European market for collateralized money market transactions. Eurex Repo will internationalize its Euro GC Pooling offering with European collaterals, enabling electronic cross-border liquidity management via a wide range of ECB-eligible collateral.

The New York Mercantile Exchange now offers copper options contracts on the CME Globex electronic trading platform.

Liffe has developed the new Liffe Guardian commodity management system as a replacement for the existing Grading & Tendering System (GATS), scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2008. Also, Liffe has introduced the JPMorgan IPOX Europe 50 Index Futures contract on Bclear. It measures the share price performance of the top 50 European companies ranked quarterly by market capitalization.

The Taiwan Futures Exchange (Taifex) has partnered with BT Global Financial Services to distribute market data on a shared network. Taifex will use the Radianz Shared Market Infrastructure to support the distribution of its real-time market data to more than 10,000 financial service sites worldwide.

The U.S. Futures Exchange now offers weekly binary options on single assets including oil, gasoline, gold, silver and the euro. The contracts are valued at $1,000.


FTSE has announced they have licensed PowerShares to create four new international exchange-traded funds that track the following indexes: FTSE RAFI Emerging Index; FTSE RAFI Developed Markets ex-U.S. Mid-Small 1500 Index; FTSE RAFI Developed Asia Pacific ex-Japan Mid-Small Index; and the FTSE RAFI Developed Europe Mid-Small Index.

Morningstar has introduced five fully collateralized commodity futures indexes: the Morningstar Long/Short, Long/Flat, Short/Flat, Long-Only and Short-Only Commodity Indexes. Based on a rules-based momentum methodology, the new family of indexes employs different strategic combinations of long futures, short futures and cash (flat positions). These indexes are designed for investors seeking appropriate benchmarks for commodities and can support the creation of passive investment products.


ICAP plc, the interdealer broker and spot forex platform operator, has introduced a U.S. dollar/Turkish lira currency pair.

FXCM now offers fractional pip pricing, allowing clients to see an additional digit in the price quotes; the digit, representing a tenth of a pip, appears to the right of the two large bold face digits.

FX Solutions now offers the GTS Pro trading platform.


Ticker Technologies Inc. launched, which allows individuals to access free quotes and charts for futures.

Calypso Technology Inc. launched its new confirmation matching module, which automatically matches incoming and outgoing SWIFT confirmation messages.

Advent has released Geneva 7.0 and Advent Portfolio Exchange 2.0 (APX 2.0). Added features to Geneva 7.0 include: Geneva Desktop with bookmarks, workflow management and exception processing; Geneva Data Browser for customized ad hoc queries; and Geneva Reporting Services, which integrates with Geneva’s reporting language and data model. Added features to APX 2.0 include performance analytics; security level time-weighted returns and the flexibility to create custom classification schemes and enhancements to fixed income calculations and reporting.


Last Atlantis Capital Management LLC and Jerry Considine, formerly of Tudor Investment, have partnered to introduce LACM Foreign Exchange, Share Class W within the Last Atlantis Partners Fund.

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