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I am not an idiot

Janell C. Rhee

As an educated hedge fund investor, I am deeply alarmed, concerned and angry that your organization considers me too ignorant, uneducated, and thus, ineligible for participation in a pooled investment vehicle.

Ross G. Kaminsky

The current accredited investor rules are more than sufficient to ensure that the rich get richer and the rest have fewer opportunities to catch up. People are not stupid.

Thomas M. Yuill, PhD

I am currently invested in two hedge funds, and resent the implication that I am no longer prudent enough to do so. The new ruling gives unfair advantage to more wealthy investors and should not be implemented.

Ed Hubbard

I routinely put together large business deals that involve tens of millions of dollars for a high-tech company. And yet, my government is regulating my ability to invest in hedge funds - why? Why is it that every wealthy high tech exec I know has money in hedge funds, almost always the ones that are out-performing what I can invest in?

Steven Stoller

I risked my life savings by opening a restaurant. Since most small businesses fail, especially restaurants, you can use the same logic to limit small business formation, the engine that continues to create a majority of the United State’s jobs and wealth.

Dave J. Scotese

It is an unfortunate habit of political leaders to assume stupidity on the part of citizens. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you.

James L. DePorre

I am astounded by the arrogance of the proposal. The assumption that net worth correlates positively to the ability to make smart investing decisions is elitist and false.

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