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Glass houses/conspiracy

Bruce H. Wilson

The wonderful SEC looks on from the sidelines when individuals purchase Enron or World Com, but says alternative investments should only be available to the super-rich.

Keith Murphy

The only people who benefit from limiting investor choice are those who have a vested interest in not facing the competition from hedge funds.

John F. Wallace

Big Brother is alive and well in the SEC.

Stacie L. Matson

The government lets people drive cars, buy overpriced tech stocks that fall to zero, engage in extreme sports, smoke tobacco, etc. BUT for some reason won’t allow U.S. citizens of normal financial means to invest with hedge fund managers who arguably produce higher returns with lower volatility than long only managers.

James J. Johnson

Why don’t you worry about going after people who break the law instead of trying to make a decision for me.

Lorence & Schrier, P.L.L.C.

The [SEC’s] proposal to afford venture capital fund managers greater access to the non accredited investor universe is, we submit, perverse logic at best.

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