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New for Traders


The New York Mercantile Exchange Inc. (Nymex) has launched side-by-side trading of Comex miNYs, Asian metals and London metals futures contracts on the CME Globex and migrated the gold, silver, copper and aluminum futures contracts. Nymex will also launch Comex miNY gold, silver and copper futures contracts; Asian gold, platinum and palladium futures contracts; and London primary aluminium, London SHG zinc and London copper “grade A” futures contracts. In addition, Nymex will offer calendar spreads for each (see “Trendlines,” page 12). Also, Nymex now offers RBOB gasoline options and swap futures contracts. The contracts are: RBOB gasoline European look-alike options; RBOB gasoline average price options; RBOB gasoline crack spread options; RBOB gasoline one-month spread; RBOB gasoline two-month spread; RBOB gasoline three-month spread; RBOB gasoline six-month spread; and New York Harbor gasoline vs. RBOB gasoline swap futures.

The International Securities Exchange (ISE) launched the ISE–Revere Natural Gas Index, a sector benchmark developed with Revere Data LLC. Additionally, ISE has listed cash-settled options based on this new index. The index contains 30 companies that derive a substantial portion of their revenues from the exploration and production of natural gas. ISE now trades all of the components of the S&P 500 on its MidPoint Match platform, which executes orders at the midpoint price of the national best bid and offer throughout the trading day.

The London Metal Exchange now trades LMEmini contracts for copper, aluminium and zinc. LMEminis are cash-settled, electronically traded monthly futures contracts in lot sizes of five tonnes, with the same specification as the exchange’s parent contracts.

The Philadelphia Stock Exchange launched its PHLX XLE, an electronic Reg. NMS-compliant equity trading system. PHLX XLE is an anonymous, open access system with a central limit order book that operates on the principle of price-time priority for members and sponsored participants.


GL Trade now has direct connectivity to the South African Futures Exchange (Safex), offering direct market access to both financial and agricultural futures markets. GL Trade will offer Safexvia GL NET, its international proprietary network, for market data feed access and exchange order routing.

Strategy Runner’s server will connect to Trading Technologies’ (TT) exchange gateways via TT’s FIX Adapter. The integration allows Strategy Runner customers to leverage the integration between TT’s exchange gateways and Strategy Runner’s server-based technology to develop and execute trading algorithms and signals across multiple TT installations through a secure centralized location.

The Strategic Trading Institute now offers Foresight–A.I., an artificial intelligence tool

that forecasts next day market highs, lows and direction. The service is available through GFT’s DealBook 360 trading software. Subscribers receive the forward–looking prediction for a two–minute price chart the night before.


Dow Jones Indexes and Wilshire Associates Inc. will launch the Dow Jones Wilshire Global Index Family. The index includes more than 12,000 stocks in 56 countries with a float-adjusted market capitalization of nearly $34 trillion.

Stoxx Ltd. launched the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 BuyWrite Index, which measures the performance of a hypothetical portfolio of a long position of the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 Index and a sold call option based on the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 Index. Also, Stoxx Ltd. launched three new indexes that cover initial public offerings in Europe in three different time horizons: three, 12 and 60 months, based on the duration a component remains in the respective index.

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