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is a free service to investors, financial professionals and other stakeholders who participate in the mining, drilling and piping sectors. It provides unique independent news, analysis, commentary and analytics on the sectors with the goal of empowering readers with information from which they can gain advantage or profit. Some 120,000 readers gather on the site each month from 203 countries representing every continent.


Editor: Richard Phelps

Most recently Dick led a consulting group providing a service unifying risk assessment, safety-and-training, and crisis avoidance to mining firms. With the venerable Engineering & Mining Journal for over a decade, Dick headed E&MJ's editorial team in its global coverage of mining and extractive metallurgy. The role built on his years providing technical management in a money-center bank's $900-million, international mining-loan portfolio. Prior hands-on experience ranged from mucker to mine foreman in silver, potash, and coal mining as well as shaft sinking. His involvement encompassed, on-site production engineering, applied R&D, mine design and permitting, and corporate administration in steel- and oil-company mining-subsidiaries.

In addition to serving as associate editor of the first-ever Mining Environmental Handbook, Dick also provided consulting expertise in hardrock mining environmental-litigation aggregating over $1 billion.

Besides membership in the Mining and Metallurgical Society of America, he is also a member of the Mining Task Force of the Asia Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate (U.S. State Department-sponsored). Dick was a member of the select-panel of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reviewing and prioritizing underground, mine safety project-funding.

Dick holds B.S. and Professional Degrees in Mining Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla


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